About Sailfin Marine

At Sailfin, our goal is to provide Protected Species Observer solutions to allow your team to do what you do best while complying with your regulatory requirements and protecting the environment in which you work. We are based in Juneau, Alaska and have a network of qualified PSOs trained in marine construction MMPA and ESA compliance.

Daniel Michrowski

Daniel has extensive experience in observing and research settings both with marine mammals and fishes. He anticipates completing his MS in Fisheries from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in Summer 2022. He has served as the Senior Protected Species Observer for the City and Borough of Juneau since 2019 and served as a Fisheries Observer in the North Pacific and West Coast Groundfish observer programs from 2007-2009.

His M.S. project focuses on handling and discard mortality of longline-caught skates.

Shannon Easterly

Shannon has been studying marine mammals since 2012 when she began working with the estuary dolphins of coastal Georgia. After graduation from the University of Georgia in 2013, she transitioned to humpback whale research in Hawai’i, where she managed humpback whale and odontocete photo identification catalogs. She has worked as a Lead Science Guide for environmental education operations in Alaska since 2018 and has served the City and Borough of Juneau as a Protected Species Observer since 2019.