Sailfin Marine specializes in fulfilling permit requirements for near-shore construction projects. From setting up a real-world plan for deploying Protected Species Observers to writing and submitting reports to the National Marine Fisheries Service, we have all aspects of your project monitoring covered.

IHA Compliance and 4MP Implementation

Translating an IHA and a 4MP into real-world application requires specific expertise and familiarity with the geographic area. We excel in taking these technical documents and creating boots-on-the-ground plans which can be carried out by our trained PSOs.

PSO Coordination and Supervision

Sailfin Marine supplies qualified, NMFS-approved PSOs throughout Southeast Alaska and can also provide scheduling services to ensure constant coverage while maintaining observer efficiency. In addition, Sailfin Marine supervisors are available for contractor and stakeholder meetings to provide updates on the state of coverage and marine mammal interactions.

Data Analysis and NMFS Reporting

In-water construction projects often generate large amounts of data; Sailfin efficiently manages that data and provides quality control for the utmost accuracy. We can provide data analysis and report writing for the National Marine Fisheries Service to satisfy IHA requirements.

Pre-Application Consulting

At Sailfin Marine, we believe that anticipating potential hazards to the project at the start of the application process is essential. We can work with your team to evaluate the expected avenues of marine mammal interactions, incorporating vital local knowledge and data, in order to guide an IHA application to minimize project disruptions.